Meditation has hands down been one of the most profoundly effective elements of my healing journey.

There are of course many different styles of meditation and you should find the technique that works for you.


I tried multiple meditation techniques for many years but none of them made an impact on me strong enough to inspire a consistent practice. Until, amidst the extremely stressful time post first disclosing my child sexual abuse and beginning the healing process, I found VEDIC MEDITATION. It’s effect on my healing process and quality of life was and continues to be REVOLUTIONARY.
— Wade Robson

VEDIC MEDITATION is one of the oldest, most effortless and natural forms of meditation. This technique originated from the Veda - the same ancient knowledge base that brought us yoga, ayurveda and much of eastern philosophy. And like yoga, Vedic Meditation can be practiced and enjoyed by anyone, regardless of cultural or religious beliefs. It is practiced for 20 minutes while sitting comfortably with the eyes closed. It delivers benefits right away by helping your mind to settle down, bringing about a state of deep relaxation.

Other forms of meditation often require the practitioner to either concentrate, focus, contemplate, or imagine something. These activities are known to excite the mind as opposed to relaxing the mind. Vedic Meditation is renowned for being easy and effortless as it doesn't require any concentration, contemplation, focusing or imagining. The technique utilizes the natural tendency of the mind to become quiet and experience bliss. Research shows that it is more effective than other meditation and relaxation techniques in releasing stress and promoting mental and physical well-being.

Google VEDIC MEDITATION and YOUR AREA to find a teacher.

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OPRAH & DEEPAK CHOPRA’S 21-DAY MEDITATION CHALLENGES are also an easy, wonderful and low cost way to begin a meditation practice.