DISCLAIMER: The following email is about an intense adult subject matter. It absolutely concerns children but should only be taken in by a minor of a certain age under the guidance of a parent or mindful guardian. If you are under 18, please take this seriously.

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I wanted to share an important part of my healing journey with you. 

This Sunday and Monday, (March 3rd + 4th, 2019) on HBO, airs an HBO film entitled LEAVING NEVERLAND that chronicles the years of sexual abuse that myself and James Safechuck suffered as children at the hands of Michael Jackson, as well as the emotional and mental effects, the years of living in silence, fear, and lies, our eventual facing of the truth, beginning to speak it to the world and the fallout from it all on us as individuals, as well as our families. 

But even more important than myself, James and Michael Jackson, is that our story is, in many ways, akin to most child abuse survivor's stories. Child sexual abuse is unfortunately not something that only happened back then, or over there, but is happening here and now, in the entertainment business, our schools, churches, neighborhoods and everywhere. It is a film that I hope will help continue and expand the conversation about child sexual abuse and be another small step towards facilitating healing for survivors, as well as shedding light and raising awareness as to hopefully move us toward greater prevention. 

The film is 4-hours and airs in 2 parts. Part 1 on Sunday, Part 2 on Monday. Read more about it all, the airing schedule, and watch the trailer HERE.

Also, immediately after Part 2 airs on Monday evening, there is a one-hour special with OPRAH, myself, James, and the filmmaker Dan Reed, entitled AFTER NEVERLAND, which simultaneously airs on HBO and Oprah’s OWN Network. It continues and expands the conversation in a room filled with child abuse survivors and advocates and we also have the privilege of hearing from several of them. I think it could be quite a healing experience to watch, especially after taking in the intensity of the film. 

On that note, another DISCLAIMER: Nothing is left off the table in the film. There are extremely graphic and detailed explanations of the sexual abuse James and I experienced as young children. So be aware that it may be quite difficult to take in and possibly triggering, especially for survivors. Take care of yourself accordingly. 

HBO has also created an incredible RESOURCE PAGE for survivors as well as parents of survivors and people who are responsible for children. Please take a moment to check it out.

If you DO NOT have access to HBO, it will be available online simultaneously with the television broadcast. 
You can sign up for a free online trial of HBO Streaming. Click HERE.

1 in 4 girls. 1 in 6 boys. These are the statistics of boys and girls that are sexually abused as children. Child sexual abuse can only happen in darkness and silence. Together, with our eyes, ears and voices, step by step, let’s change those numbers.

Love + Aloha, Wade.

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