We live in a day and age, unlike any other, where no matter who you are or where you live, if you have access to the internet and/or a smart phone, your work, creativity, or message can be seen and heard all over the world. The question is not, how famous can I become? The questions are, what will I do with that power? Am I going to contribute something negative or positive to the world?

As per usual, the device is neutral, it’s how we use it that matters. Social media, for example, can either be a dangerous addiction we use to try and find self-worth, to numb, to disseminate lies, hate, judgement, to perpetuate nonsense and spread fear. Or we can use it as a mechanism to proliferate truth, love, progressive ideas, creativity, hope, equality, awareness of social injustice, charity, community mobilization, you name it. 

Why would we choose to amplify negativity in the world when each and every one of us is affected by it? As Dylan said, “The answer is blowing in the wind.” Why would we choose to amplify positivity in the world? Because each and every one of us benefits from it.

What we pay attention to, grows. 

So how can we use our platform, be it the world stage, our place of worship, our workplace and/or our social media feed, to elevate the collective human experience? And how can we do it not by preaching from some moral high ground, but by humbly sharing our questions, experiences, knowledge, ideas and dreams in a way that acknowledges, includes and supports all of humanity? 

How do we start? One foot in front of the other. 

When do we start? Now.

Love, Wade.