If my health is bad, I’m not meditating daily, eating well, exercising daily, getting proper rest, and am engaging in too much stress. 

If I don’t have enough time, I’m not meditating daily, using my time efficiently, being present, respecting other people’s time, respecting and creating boundaries around my own time. 

If I don’t have enough money, I’m not meditating daily and my relationship with and perspective on money has gone askew. I’m not being grateful for what I have, giving what I can, and doing enough of what I love. 

If I hate or feel un-inspired by my work or feel that I don’t have enough of it, I’m not meditating daily and not doing enough of what I love, because I love it. I’m not being grateful for what I have, not dreaming, not knowing and voicing that I, like each and everyone of us, deserve the best, and deserve to do work that makes me come alive. I’m not getting my ego out of the way and letting the universe work through me. I’m not asking how I can be of service to the world. I’m not taking enough risk, tuning into true desires and leaping into the unknown. 

If I feel my friends, or family, or partner aren’t appreciating me, there is a good chance I am not appreciating them. I’m not meditating daily. I’ve slipped into a narrow and rigid idea as to who they are, what they think, and what their intentions are, hence I’ve stopped paying attention and have forgotten that each of us are infinitely nuanced and ever changing. If I feel a lack of love, I’m the one that needs to bring more love. 


Aloha, Wade


Photo:  @kgphotos_

Photo: @kgphotos_