From teenage-hood through my twenties, I woke up nearly every morning with a nervous, anxious mass of energy in my stomach. This was accompanied by a feeling that I was already late, that somebody out there was already doing something impressive before me and better than me. I was possessed by the need to be first and best. The motivating belief was that there was only so much time and so much room for true greatness (read external success, validation and material acquisition), so if I wanted it, I needed to hurry up! Therefore, when a peer experienced an external success, it was often very hard for me to be truly happy for them, to celebrate them because in my mind their success meant my failure, my laziness and my forever missed opportunity. 

This was a painful existence and ultimately stemmed from an egoic belief that I was not enough; that I was not worthy. This belief was created and compounded by mentor and societal teachings such as, “Be the best or nothing at all because life is a competition and survival of the fittest.” After my nervous breakdowns, beginning my healing process and finding Vedic Meditation, I began to come to the realization that these “teachings” were merely stories that us humans made up and bought into, stories that were created in the first place from a deep feeling of unworthiness, lack and scarcity. Stories that we can now choose to opt out of and make up new ones that better reflect our actual present experience, and/or how we want to feel and our dreams of how we wish for life to be. Stories that make us feel worthy, loved, empowered, connected, loving, enthusiastic and peaceful. 

The vast and magnificent flat ocean is accentuated by rising and falling waves. Yes, waves behave differently than the flat ocean but that does not make them non-ocean. They are not connected to the ocean; there are no screws: they ARE ocean, in motion. Do the other waves protest, complain and feel less than when one wave rises up? Of course not because there is a knowingness of reciprocal flow going on. Because that wave has risen, the next wave is able to rise and the next: ad infinitum. 

Our consciousness is like the ocean and our human life is like a wave. That human over there is not actually separate from me; She and I came from and are made up of the same stuff: consciousness. Because she rises, so can I, because I rise, so can you, and so on. There is infinite space for each and every one of us and we each have our own individual timeline. So optimally we exult, celebrate and praise when our fellow wave rises and we surround, support and lift up when our fellow wave falls; as we are all a part of the one, infinite, glorious ocean rising and falling: perpetually in motion. So ultimately, when she rises, we all rise and when she falls, we all fall. 

Abundance in all its forms is our birthright and its source, our source, is inexhaustible. 

Letʻs try to release our poverty consciousness because:

What we expect, is what we experience.

What we pay attention to, grows. 

What we look for, we find. 

Letʻs try to relax, slow down, meditate, tune into our deepest desires that were implanted there by the universe and then unhesitatingly take action, knowing that we are undulating ocean whoʻs rise, fall and rise again is guaranteed in the design and is supported and organized by the infinite intelligence of the vast, omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient oceanic consciousness. 

Summary of the story: as Bruddah Bob put it, “Every little thing, is gonna be all right.” 

Wishing you peace, enthusiasm, motion and holistic abundance. 

Love, Wade.